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Bridal Pearl Necklace Length

The length of your Bridal Pearl Necklace is completely dependent on the neckline of your dress.

High Neckline: If your dress has a high neckline, it is best to choose a 16-17 inch necklace. This classic length creates a sense of modesty and virtue.

Low Neckline: If your dress has a moderate to low neckline, an 18-20 inch necklace is the correct choice. This luxurious length creates a wonderfully extravagant look.

The necklace you choose should create a sense of unity and harmony within your bridal outfit.

Double / Triple Strand Necklace: If you decide to utilize the beauty of a double or triple strand necklace, make sure there is a ½ - 1 inch difference separating the strands so they do not rub against each other during use. Rubbing will cause wear and tear to your necklace, lowering its value over time.

A surefire way to discover your ideal necklace length is to gather a few pieces of string or yarn in various lengths, put on your wedding dress and observe how each length looks against it. This way you can see how the lengths you are considering interact with the neckline of your dress.


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